The YVG Bank is Now Open for Business!

Welcome to the First Bank of YouVideoGamer City!

Located to the right of the Rail Station in YVG City.


Inside the Bank

Inside the bank you will have access to Ender Chests.2017-02-23_10.37.31

You also have access to a private bank vault. 2017-02-23_10.36.50

The Vault

The individual bank vaults come prepared for you. Simple style, well lit with 15 large chests at your disposal. 2017-02-23_10.37.06

Teleportation to your vault is secured by your name and cannot be accessed by any other player. The vault is completely encased in bedrock for added security.2017-02-27_11.43.03

Vault Customization

You can freely customize your vault to your needs or aesthetic desires! 2017-02-27_12.51.05

Keep in mind the teleportation is set to a specific location in your vault. Placing objects in the teleport area could cause you big trouble. I suggest keeping an eye on it or simply asking me to change the teleportation location within your vault.

To acquire a personal bank vault within YVG City please contact me!

Until next time!

~Sairune~ 🙂


YVG City Updates and Repairs

Hey guys! Here is a list of whats going on in YVG City:

(Read below pictures to see the status and plan for each.)

:: Currently Under Construction ::

The Docks

Functional :: Plan – Update + Expansion

The Rail Station

Nonfunctional :: Plan – Massive rail repairs + new rail connections + landscaping.

The Nether Hub

Temporarily Disabled :: Plan – Unearth + build safe room inside the Nether.

:: Repair List ::

  • Unpredictable spawn. (Possible small server downtime.)
  • Events Area lighting glitch. (Small server downtime.)
  • Landscaping from transfer.
  • Station rails.

:: Future Construction ::

  • The Events Area : Possible new layout + design
  • The Bakery : Update + Expansion
  • The Nether : Possible overworld update

:: New Construction Plans & Ideas ::

  • Overworld Portal Hub – For quick long distance travel between main cities.
  • Trade House – For player trading.
  • Inn – For long term spawning within city limits.
  • Book Store – Players can purchase written books and possibly writing supplies.
  • YVG Nether Hub – For connection from Nether Stations or Players.

If you have any questions please let me know. Also feel free to submit ideas at the Message Board in YVG City or chat about current ideas in progress on the server with others. I may start up a forum if you guys want to and will use it to discuss projects and ideas.

That’s all for now folks. Until next time!

~Sairune~  🙂


Meet the Newcomers!

Since the launch of the new world we have added a couple of new friends to the server! Be sure to give them a warm welcome!

Meet Kokari_Ookami!

Friend of Chaosbomb, dog lover and fancy tunnel maker!


Glad to have you with us Kokari!

Meet Ghrane!

Friend of Sairune, Master of Enchanting, Expert Marksman and Automated Farm Engineer.


Welcome to the server Ghrane!

Hope you both have a great time on the server!!

~Sairune~  🙂

Launch of the New World

Welcome to You Video Gamer Server 2.0

This post has been a long time coming but… THE NEW WORLD IS HERE!!!

World Generation

  • Exploration Patch 1.11 – Nicer landscapes, Woodland Mansions.
  • Large Biomes setting as requested!

You Video Gamer City

  • Now a port city opening up new means of transportation!
  • New bakery for all to use while visiting the city. If you are new, or you happen to -cough- find yourself without any items back at the city, feel free to grab some bread for the road!

**See upcoming posts for whats going on in You Video Gamer City.  🙂

Unearthing You Video Gamer City

After finding the location, I dropped in the schematic for YVG City with MCEdit. I had two options as far as laying it into the land. I could either drop it in with air or without. I chose to drop it in without air for a couple reasons: It made it easier to blend the new land to the City’s landscape and preserved the beauty of the new location.

As a result, I needed to “unearth” You Video Gamer City. It was a long and careful process but I managed! Here are some screenshots for your amusement:

Main area complete with spruce trees and spiders!
Main area complete with spruce trees and spiders!
During the clearing of the main area a mishap completely destroyed the entrance to the rail station, the message board and the chorus plant display. I rebuilt and salvaged what I could!!
During the clearing of the main area a mishap completely destroyed the entrance to the rail station, the message board and the chorus plant display. I rebuilt and salvaged what I could!!


Unearthing creepers in the Rail Station.
Unearthing creepers in the Rail Station. Full nearly to the top with stone and dirt.
On my way to the underground.
On my way to the underground.
Unearthing the Underground: The Beginning. Completely full of stone, dirt, ore, LAVA, and water. A very delicate process.
Unearthing the Underground: The Beginning.
The underground was completely full of stone, dirt, ore, water, and LAVA.  A very delicate process…


The Underground restored to its former glory!
It was tough work and there is still lots to do but You Video Gamer City has settled into its new land nicely!

As I get time and inspiration I will be working on repairs, modifications and new construction in and around YVG City. Be looking for updates here on the site!

Speaking of updates! Here are a couple of excellent builders that have been hard at work:

Builder Highlights

Lippylaroo and Vamhamer are bringing new life to their old world structures. I’ve seen some great progress already! Here are a couple of snapshots just to give you a taste:

Lippylaroo’s Sandstone City
Vamhamer’s Lorderon – Property of Vamhamer Adventure Co.

Other Notes

Software Malfunctions

Due to software malfunction I was only able to move YVG City and a couple of other builds onto the server before I could no longer use the program to drop schematics in. The builds which I chose to bring over, along with my own builds that were planned transfers, unfortunately did not make it. In the future I hope to bring more builds over but as of now I do not have the time to tinker.

Unfortunate Transfer Mechanics

Upon viewing the structures that had been transferred in game, I discovered that chests within these structures were not only empty but they were also invisible. Due to this factor, stock piles were not transferred. However, I have taken the time to manually transfer many of your stock piles. (By hand in creative mode.) Stock piles from the old world, that have not been transferred, are available upon request but require a stock room in the location of your choice.

That all said, I hope you all are having a great time in this new world!

~Sairune~  🙂

Upcoming posts:  YVG City Updates and Repairs / Meet the New Comers / Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot Teaser



Possible Server Downtime… (11/18-11/21)


Due to technical difficulties there is a chance that the regular YVG server will not be available this weekend through monday (11/18-11/21). I am working diligently to get this problem resolved.

In the event that this problem is not resolved I apologize for the inconvenience ahead of time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

~Sairune  🙂

Transfer Status Confirmation

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you a few pointers for the Transfer Status Confirmation.

Location: Room located to the right of the Rail Station, in the ladder room leading to the underground area.2016-11-13_01.21.17 2016-11-13_01.21.29

Transfer Status Outline

Starting Fresh: Players starting with absolutely nothing at all ready to forge their way from square one.

Survival Necessities: This is for those only putting together their own survival kit for the new world.

Stock: For those bringing only their stock pile to the new world.

Structure: For those only transferring builds.

Structure + Stock: For those transferring structures and stock.

You will find chests with your names on them. Please acquire a blank book from the chest labelled for the Transfer Status Confirmation event to the front/left. Fill it out with the appropriate information, sign it with Transfer Status and place it in your chest.2016-11-13_01.21.42

For those of you transferring structures please grab a blank book from the second chest to the front/right. Fill this out with the appropriate information, sign it with Detailed Tour and place it also in your chest. (You may schedule any time of the day on either the 15th or the 16th as I have those days off from work.)


Hope this post helps you if you had any questions. If not please let me know if you need more assistance.

~Sairune 🙂

Transfer Process Schedule

As promised here is the Schedule for the transfer event:Transfer Schedule

Transfer Events (Below is an outline for each event please read carefully.)

Status Confirmation (Nov. 13th)

In YVG City you will confirm your transfer status thus allowing me to form plan for each of you. You will confirm your transfer status by writing in a blank book. Example:2016-11-12_11.38.47

This example plus other guiding instructions will be provided at the location of this event. This event does not have a specific start time but please complete this task by the end of Sunday, November 13th.

Detailed Structure Tours (Nov. 15th-16th)

In this event I will need to take time with those who are transferring structures to the new world. I would like to provide an hour to each person at their desired time slot on either Tuesday, November 15th or Wednesday, November 16th.

” What does the Detailed Structure Tour involve? “

I would like for you to provide me with a tour of the entire structure you intend to have in the new world.

I want to know how far it extends in all directions but still keeping in mind the limitations I have already set forth in a previous post. (Reference: New World Preparation

I also need to know about any “secret areas” of your build so I don’t accidentally cut them off in the transfer. On my honor, I will not share or abuse this information, you have my word.

I need this tour for each of your structures that are to be transferred so please take the time before we meet to develop your tours.

The Detailed Tour Event occurs between Tuesday, November 15th and Wednesday, November 16th. Please sign up for your time slot in YVG City beginning Sunday, November 13th. Example:


Parallel World Event (Nov. 18th – 21st)

I plan on placing the new world onto a parallel server. This will allow access to both worlds before the transfer.

I’ve gone back and forth on how to accomplish this part of the process in the most efficient and logical way. It has been a tough decision but I have come to the conclusion that during this event I will only be allowing those transferring structures on to the new world and this is why:


This event is to allow those, who are transferring structures, to find locations for these structures.


Searching for new building locations and exploration.

This is not the official launch of the new world. As such once the people who have structures to transfer find their locations the world will be reset and be taken down for structure transfer. Further more, If I were to allow those not transferring structures on they might end up with a large structure encroaching on their area or possibly covering their desired location.

In short, it will just be easier for all of us in the long run if only the structure transfers are allowed on for this event.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this decision. The Parallel World Event will begin and end between Friday, November 18th – Monday, November 21st.

 Stock Pile Shipping (Nov. 27th)

At this point in time ALL gathering for your stock pile must cease. I will take time with each of you and your stock piles to ensure every item you want gets transferred.

The Stock Pile Event will occur on Sunday, November 27th. (Due to work the time frame will be announced at a later date.)

New World Launch (Nov. 30th)

You guessed it! On Wednesday, November 30th we will celebrate the coming of the new world! Hope to see you all there! (Event time: To be announced)

~Sairune 🙂

{[ Due to time and work I will provide you with the location for both transfer confirmation and detailed tour sign up tomorrow morning. (Nov. 13th) Until then please direct all questions to the provided area in the center of YVG City. ]}

Destination: New World


You’ve been waiting very patiently for patch 1.11 to release. You have also been patiently waiting for the New World transfer and the time has come!

Patch 1.11, or rather, the Exploration Patch is scheduled to release on November 14th, 2016. This means the server transfer will commence shortly there after.

In the Coming Weeks

Due to time issues, life stuff and the want for a smooth transition I am scheduling the official transfer to occur between the 29th and 30th of November. From this day forward I want to have us all get into HARDCORE PREPARATION MODE for the transfer.

I understand that we all have lives and don’t have much time to spare in most cases, but I ask that you take the time with me to ensure your happiness with the transfer. That all said, here is what I will need from you in the near future:

Status Confirmation

What is this? It’s a confirmation of your transfer status. (Starting Fresh, Survival Necessities Only, Inventory Stock, Structure Transfer, Structure Transfer + Stock.) I want to make sure I am clear as to what you want for the transfer to the new world.

New Structures

I need to know of any structures you have decided to transfer that I don’t already know about. I also ask that no NEW structures are started on the current world from here on out.

Stock Piles

About a week or so before transfer I will need to know where your stock piles are located so that I may box them up to be shipped to the new world. The question was asked “Don’t the chests within the structure go with it?” The answer is yes. However, to ensure no item is left behind, I would like you to have a stock pile within your structure so you know what you have and we don’t miss anything by mistake.

Item Frames and Signs

In the past, the program I am using to move structures sometimes drops signs and item frames. I cannot guarantee they will stay in place. It may be in your best interest to store them away if you don’t want to take that chance. Or, at the very least, remove precious items from item frames.

Ender Chests and Player Inventory

Ah the glory of the ender chest. A place where you can hide all your precious goods! The only problem is that it is linked your player inventory. Player inventories will start fresh upon arrival in the new world. All items in ender chests and on your character must be removed and stored in a regular chest for transfer to the new world.

Going Forward

I will have a schedule for all of these things to occur. The reason for the schedule is so that it can be paced to allow both you and me time to enjoy the process and still be able to play if desired.

There will be more posts to come announcing and outlining transfer information. Please keep an eye out for them. Other than that there will be a question box in the center of You Video Gamer City where you can submit your questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to use this option.


Until next time.

~Sairune~ 🙂



Patch 1.11 and Server Transfer

Well guys Minecon has come and gone which means new info has been released on Patch 1.11! As rumor suggested there will be some new world generated content added to Minecraft and that’s what we were waiting for.

Woodland Mansions


This structure is generated in Forest or Roofed Forest biomes. The inner layout is randomly generated to make each visit to new Woodland Mansions interesting and unique. These structures bring with them new loot and mobs to the game. However, I will not be going in to detail on them as of yet.

The Woodland Mansion will be added as a dungeon of sorts. It has been categorized as an endgame challenge. This means its more difficult than your typical dungeon. (Example: The Ender Dragon fight is considered endgame.)

The official release date of Patch 1.11 is still unknown. There will be an up-to-date snapshot released this Wednesday and the Mojang team has suggested that they are going to get the full patch out as soon as possible.


Is it worth the wait to postpone the server transfer?

Here is my opinion:

Considering that the Woodland Mansion is, so far, the only substantial world generated structure (The only other thing being end portals in end cities leading back to the main island.) I would have to say… No. I don’t believe this structure is worth the wait to postpone the server transfer.

Now this is not to say they couldn’t throw a few more things in before the patch is released, but its highly unlikely considering the Woodland Mansion is such a big addition on its own.

That being said, here are my other thoughts on postponing the server transfer:

Considering the idea that Mojang is going to try and get this patch out as soon as possible, it may still be worth the wait and I have two reasons why.

Land Generation


Everyone knows when a new patch comes out the seed generation changes causing mayhem and irritation with land not lining up. If we transfer now in 1.10 and 1.11 comes out shortly after then our would is doomed from the start. We will likely not have explored that much territory and will end up with a lot of messy edges around our frequently visited areas.

Keeping Current

mc111-llamasTo deal with the above issue we could not update the server for a while which would avoid the land not lining up. But that means we would not be able to keep up with the current content for some time.

Beginning with a fresh patch means we have time to explore and not worry about land issues until the next patch. It also means we will have the most current content in our world.

That all said, my vote is to wait on patch 1.11 to release even if I feel the current content line up does not warrent the wait. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Until next time! 😀


New World Preparation: The Beginning

Hey everyone! As you all know the Project: New World is under way. We have until the weekend of Minecon (September 24th-25th) to get set and ready for the transfer of structures. Ideally I would like us to be prepared for the transfer by that weekend in the event the patch goes live. There are no guarantees that 1.11 will launch that weekend or that it will be all we expected so I would rather be prepared! Speaking of…


HyenasPreparedForWhat   Glad you asked!

Beginning now:


Think of it as spring cleaning! Now is the time to begin compiling your resources into one area. This will ensure that nothing gets left behind unintentionally. It will also allow you to see what you have and what you do not want or need. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the amount of stock you can transfer so don’t throw out all those cobble stones and spider eyes unless you really want to! 🙂

2016-07-21_21.16.59On another note, as I am gathering your coordinates, I will stop by your location with 12 large chests, 1 chest labeling kit, and 1 item incinerator. These items will be placed in an area of your choosing. Any items you do not use from the chest labeling kit you may keep or incinerate. Keep in mind once an item goes into the incinerator there’s no getting it back!

Coordinate Gathering

I would like to start compiling a list of everyone’s coordinates. This is just a general location check that will make assisting all of you much easier in the coming weeks.

These coordinates are for structures being transferred but also for inventory. So, if you are one that is not transferring a structure but plan on transferring your stock pile, I still need your coordinates. This will ensure quick transfer down the road and I will also drop off the above care package in an area of your choosing.

If you have more than one structure, or group or structures, to transfer please give them names so that we can differentiate between your builds at a glance of my list.

A Fresh Start

Every once in a while its nice to start fresh, clean the slate! If you do not have a structure or a stock pile you wish to transfer that’s just fine! I would still like to know to ensure no one gets left behind by accident.

Of course, you don’t have to start completely over. You are still allowed a Care Package consisting of your character inventory if you so choose. This includes supplies, armor, weapons, and tools. (This Care Package will not be collected until the point of transfer.) Use your time wisely! Just because you aren’t bringing that much over doesn’t you can’t make it epic! Enchant your armor, weapons, and tools. Think about what you would like to have getting started in the new world.


To those of you who are just ready to frolic in a new land with not a care or an item in the world just sit back and relax. Join events at YVG City and dream about the New World to come!

Later on Closer to Transfer:

As we get closer to a new world there are a few things I would like to accomplish. For this phase and the transfer phase to go smoothly I will need your participation and cooperation, as well as, patience and understanding. Most of this will take time and some of it may not be easy but I will do everything I can to streamline the process.

Things to Know About Structure Transfer:


Shortly before transfer I will spend a day or more going over what structures and areas need to be transferred and gathering the coordinates encasing them. Doing this just before the transfer will ensure that any changes between now and then will be included in the transfer so play away!

2016-07-22_11.45.57 2016-07-22_11.47.19

When it comes time for your structure to be analyzed I will need your undivided attention and a detailed tour of your area. This process, depending on the structure and/or number of structures you wish to transfer, may take quite a bit of time. When it comes time I will schedule an amount of time I think is reasonable with each player to analyze their builds.

Land Around Structures

2016-07-22_11.42.00Grabbing and moving entire biomes would be awesome! But it’s really not practical. My suggestion for you is, if you want to be surrounded by the same biome as before, you must choose a location that is the same biome on the new world.


We all have your secrets…
especially our secret tunnels! Or 2016-07-22_11.27.01not so secret tunnels to our buddy’s bases or other areas far away. These tunnels, as wondrous and beautiful as they may be or how long it took to make is, unfortunately, irrelevant in the realm of transfer. Tunnels will not be transferred and here’s why:

  • Everyone is moving to a new world with new coordinates. Chances are these connected structures will not be in the same locations they use to be compared to others in the original world. Needless to say they just won’t line up properly.
  • Super long tunnels are great for traveling long distances and not having to worry about whats going on above ground. But these tunnels could be thousands of blocks long and run into the same issue of not lining up. Not to mention, if this tunnel was intended to be secret and not run underneath other players structures there is no easy way of knowing if the same will be true upon transfer.

In short, Transferring tunnels, short or long, is just impractical and will not be done. I hope you all understand and I am sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

That’s all for now. I will make a more detailed post regarding the actual transfer process closer to the event of transfer. Be sure to hop on and start condensing your stock piles. It may be a good idea to get with me first about your coordinates so I can also provide you with the stuff I mentioned above.

Take care and have fun!

~Sairune~ 🙂